Produce and spread

about pandemics

Since its creation, L’Initiative strives to produce and spread all knowledge deemed useful to the local, regional, and national participants in the fight against pandemics. L’Initiative also helps French and French-speaking stakeholders to fulfill their accountability to their technical and financial partners and the Global Fund.

In Burkina Faso, community health workers administrate prophylactic treatments against malaria to under-five children during a seasonal campaign funded by the Global Fund.

The production and sharing of knowledge are two of L’Intiative’s strategic pillars. With time and experience, L’initiative built a rich corpus of knowledge regarding the implementation of Global Fund grants. Through the sharing of its resources, L’Initiative aims to help stakeholders in eligible countries to better prepare their applications and use of funding.

Knowledge collected in the field

The knowledge shared by L’Initiative comes from funded programs’ evaluation reports. It can also be consolidated through specific missions with the beneficiaries of its assistance or calls for proposals. The collected data pertains to the strengthening of health systems, vulnerable populations, or operational research. This documentation allows L’Initiative to put together thematic transversal analyses, and to always provide useful information.

Evaluating for the ongoing improvement of practices

Simultaneously, with its commitment to strengthening its evaluation-monitoring activities and knowledge sharing, L’Initiative aims to better support its governance body, as well as its staff, in the steering of various projects. The collecting of increasingly relevant indicators represents an opportunity to better highlight the work of our partners and technical experts, within the Expertise France agency, itself accountable to its overseers.

Knowledge sharing, the guarantee for better support

Moreover, concerned with the necessary accountability involved in development aid, L’Initiative places its action in an active process of knowledge sharing: training sessions and meetings designed to share experiences and good practices are organized for project leads, then the resulting publications summarize good practices, recommendations, etc. This material serves the purpose of letting a greater number of partners and recipients benefit from the successes and setbacks encountered on the field during actions against pandemics. Something that helps spread lessons and facilitates learning.

A unit dedicated to evaluating and measuring impact

To continuously improve the quality of its interventions and support, L’Initiative reinforced its evaluation system through a specific unit. Since 2021, L’Initiative has been measuring the impact of its actions and assessing their relevance. This strategy has gained momentum since 2020 with its double objective: to be accountable to the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, the steering committee, and its in-country partners.

The goal is to learn from interventions to better steer them in the future. To make this ambition a reality, L’Initiative implemented performance indicators for the first time in 2021. Their purpose? To accurately measure the results of an intervention and the means used to conduct it.