Projects for

the evolution
of health practices

To support the development of efficient and useful responses in countries that are eligible for Global Fund grants, L’Initiative funds intervention, research, or pilot projects. L’Initiative encourages projects addressing priority health issues and experimenting with targeted and flexible strategies against pandemics.
In Vietnam, a community health worker does prevention work with a young drug user as part of the Saving the Future project funded by L'Initiative.

Stakeholders’ skill acquisition and the scaling of their programs are at the heart of L’Initiative’s funding strategy. With that in mind, L’Initiative favors medium-term projects which aim to strengthen national and local health stakeholders. There are three types of projects:

  • intervention projects facilitating the implementation of concrete actions with and for the most vulnerable populations, or reinforcing healthcare systems;
  • operational research projects testing new public healthcare strategies in the field;
  • pilot projects, programs with a political scope, fulfilling France’s commitment in a specific domain.

Strengthening project leads’ capacities

With its call for proposals, L’Initiative aims to allow actors in the fight against pandemics in eligible countries to implement their projects or deploy them on a larger scale. Through funding, L’Initiative supports and enables the evolution of healthcare practices and policies, while respecting each context and the needs of the various participants (civil society, research institutes and universities, national programs, health ministries, etc.)

17 projects

in 2021

« We are partners working together toward a common goal. We step in, looking to counsel and support. When it comes to administrative and financial monitoring, our role is not to hold back project leads nor to impose a particular process. »

Administration and finance officer

Encouraging innovations and their implementation

The goal is to favor more targeted approaches, tailored and innovative, to ultimately achieve optimal impact on public health. We also fund projects that help identify and test programs that, upon proving their efficacy, can be replicated to scale, thanks to their integration into national public policies and Global Fund programs. The fundamental goal here is to give the broadest access to breakthrough methods that work.

What is operational research?

How to guarantee access to screening and treatment for the most vulnerable populations? How to promote the screening and treatment of tuberculosis among key populations on a larger scale? Operational research consists in identifying innovative and practical public healthcare strategies capable of addressing various issues.


Operational research’s foremost objective is to consider research programs from the point of view of their impact in terms of public health. The teams involved in these projects strive to demonstrate the practical efficiency of field-tested interventions and facilitate their translation into public policies or stakeholders’ everyday practices. Since 2018, L’Initiative has issued an annual call for proposals to fund these programs that experiment with new methods and mobilize public authorities for these innovations.